Inclement Weather Policy

Policy approved in Monthly Meeting on January 5, 2020

For any weekday events, South Fork Friends will follow the Chatham County Schools decisions

regarding extreme weather conditions for after school events. This includes decisions around winter weather, hurricane/tropical threats, or other severe weather threats.

For weekend events, decisions will be made with consultation between the senior pastor, clerk of Monthly Meeting, and the clerk of Ministry and Counsel. These individuals will consider the following factors to make the best decisions:

  • Risk levels for severe weather in our area, including flooding, tornado, or hurricane risks.
  • Presence of ice on the church property: sidewalks, parking lot, or steps
  • Roads that would be difficult to travel or prove hazardous to drivers for both Chatham and Alamance County church members.
  • Inability to provide facilities that are properly heated or bathrooms that are not in working order.

Please note the following in regards to notifications:

  • Decisions would be made at least two hours prior to the designated event.
  • Decisions to cancel would be communicated via One Call Now, Email, and the South Fork page on Facebook.

If it is a worship service that is canceled, a devotional activity or practice will be

posted on the church website, Facebook page, and church-wide email to

encourage families to worship together in lieu of the gathered worship service.